Old Town Candy & Toys Store Reviews

Below is what a few of our customers have to say about our shop.

If there’s ever been a time that I’ve felt like I just stepped into a fairytale, it was the night I discovered Old Town Candy and Toys. While heading from one spot to the next in Old Town on a Saturday night, we walked along the same sidewalk that we walk many weekend nights. However, this night was different. On this night, where a seasonal Christmas store used to call itself home, a brand new business had opened its doors. At first I didn’t believe my eyes. Was I Gretal and had a sneaky little elf played a trick on my eyes? No, it was true. An old-fashioned candy shop had opened up in Old Town, and in the perfect location too!

Situated next door to Grimaldi’s and across the street from the Sugar Bowl, this store is probably a child’s dream come true and it’s let’s be honest, it’s my dream come true too! They stay open late (even until 10 PM on a Saturday) and they are a combination between old fashioned and just what the sugar doctor ordered. Barrels filled with every type of candy imaginable line the walls and other candy is carefully placed throughout the rest of the shop. Small trinkets and toys line the shelves as well. This little shop is a great addition to Old Town and is exactly what Old Town needs! We have so many tourists and visitors who browse the streets throughout the year, that I think as long as they keep their pricing reasonable, they will be quite successful here! Plus that’s not mentioning the bar goers who have had one too many cocktails, pay a visit to this candy shop and then wake up in the morning surrounded by gum drops and laffy taffy (literally!)

This little candy shop is adorable and locally owned by a married couple with the dream of bringing a candy shop to the streets of Old Town. Well they have and let my sweet tooth be the first to welcome them to the neighborhood!

Lindsey D.

It is also the only place locally that I can reliably find the caramel swirls and the stained-glass nougats that used to be made by Brach’s and sold in supermarket bins. More important in the grand scheme of the cosmos, the chocolate-covered gummi bears are the Albanese bears that have distinct, intense fruit flavors under the chocolate.

The novelty section is cute and (I think) not wholly a product of the Archie McPhee catalog. If you’re planning a stroll through Old Town Scottsdale, it’s worth crossing the street to get yourself a bag of candy here so you can dole out treats to pacify fretful members of your party.

Eilonwy W.

Super cute shop, we ended up spending $40+ even with the voucher as they had so many neat items. Highly recommend checking it out!

Amanda R.

This store has unique fun gifts!

Tiffany H.

Great store. Will def go back. Never new it was there. Friendly help.

Jillian H.

This place is great! They have fun toys, great candy, and some old classics that I had forgotten about.

Denise Q.

Old Town Candy has lots of candy from the old days that you don’t see in stores anymore. It’s like taking a trip down memory lane!

Robbie S.

A wonderful place. You will not believe how clean and organized it is inside. Even the music was great.The ice cold drinks are literally on ice. I bought candy i have not had since 1995. If your in the area you have to stop in this cool little shop.

Josh V.

What a great stroll into memory lane. It is a cool, old fashion candy store with some unique toys. After a great dinner, we decided to take a stroll around Old Town where we stumbled across this store. I ended up getting one of my favorite candies, they are not usually available that easily and I also got some dark chocolate covered espresso beans for my hubby. They had this cute airplane I had to have for my little boy. What a great store.

Marisa S.

Cute little candy store! I bought a Groupon and popped in here recently to see what I could spend it on… They have all kinds of candies priced by the pound. I didn’t see much that I haven’t seen before, but I did get some candies that I hadn’t seen in years!  There are toys and games for kids… This would be a fun place for any kid, young or old!

Mandi B.

Love the nostalgia and the atmosphere! I’ve been here when I was younger and I’ve returned and still love it. I live down the road from here and stop in time to time to get my fix. I love the old school candy and I love the sodas! The maple bacon was a surprisingly good one haha Great place for typical cactus candy and other Arizona native treats. They have toys and books and some more novelty items, It’s a fun place whether you’re 4 or 94! Great stuff!

Angelina P.

We love this place! Perfect location in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. Fun toys and old school candy to pick from. Super fun shop for the whole family!

Brian B.